Best Fishing Baits

As for bait, using live bait is great as that’s what fish tend to go for the most, using lures can sometimes get the same effect depending on the lure, but you can always use dough as a bait. Keep in mind when using dough bait that usually only the stocked fish that have been bred in hatcheries will actually go for it, as the dough is made to imitate the pellets they feed them. Native species will tend to go more after more natural baits and lures.

Dough Bait

We STRONGLY recommend Berkley Gulp Trout Dough – we’ve fished using different brands side by side, including Berkley’s less expensive Power Bait, and there is a difference – Gulp has simply caught more fish than any other dough bait we’ve tried.
My wife likes Chartreuse. I prefer Sherbet Burst or American Pie.