Best Fishing Gear

To be honest, all you really need to go fishing is a bit of string and a hook! Find a stick to tie it on, some live bait under a nearby rock, and you’re set. One time I was fishing at a nearby reservoir and a little boy came up and stood next to me fishing expertly with a weighted line tied to and wrapped around a coke can! He’d hold the can in one hand, swing the line around and toss it out with the other – letting it fly out, then wind it back in by hand. He caught just as many as I did and I think someday I’ll try his method just for fun!

When you’re just getting into fishing, basic gear is good enough but quality is important so you want to get the right equipment for you and what you’re trying to catch, the quality of your equipment can make or break a fishing trip. When you use the wrong gear it can make you go through a lot of hassle on what otherwise would have been a more enjoyable trip for you and whoever you’re fishing with.

Freshwater fishing can be as challenging as you choose to make it, and the choices start with getting the right gear but without having to break the bank. These are our best recommendations based on our research and experience.