Do fish bite more on sunny or cloudy days?

For most fishermen, the weather tells them a lot about not only where to fish, but what they should fish for as well. The ultimate question is if you are more likely to catch fish during sunny or cloudy weather.

Do Fish Bite More on Sunny or Cloudy Days?

Fish are often more active when you have cloudy weather; this makes them much easier to catch. Reduced sunlight not only helps the fish catch their food in the pond, but it can also help you hide your bait and line. You also need to consider what you are fishing for; some fish are happier than others when the weather is on the cloudy side.

Before you pack up the tackle and head to your favorite fishing hole, let’s talk about what you can expect for both types of weather, and some tips that you can use to increase your chances of catching a fish in both!

Do Fish Bite More on Sunny or Cloudy Days?

The weather has a lot to do with how successful you are going to be on your fishing trip. Sunny days and cloudy days have benefits for you as the fisherman, but also for the fish you are trying to catch. Most people believe that you are going to have more success on cloudy days for a couple of reasons. Saltwater and freshwater fishing also depends on the weather.

A lot of fish are more active when the weather is slightly overcast. They are on the hunt for food, which means that you are naturally more likely to get some bites. The clouds can also hide your lure which makes them less likely to run away. If you are fishing on a dock or shore, it will also be harder for the fish to see you. Not to mention, it also is going to be more comfortable for you!

While cloudy days seem to be better, you can still have some luck if it’s sunny outside. If you are lucky enough to have some light wind on a sunny day, you can still grab some fish. One negative is that fish are going to hide since the sun is out, and they are more likely to see you as well. You are less likely to get dehydrated, sunburnt, or fatigued if you avoid sunny days!

Many fishermen tend to enjoy fishing in cloudy weather, but let’s talk about why weather makes such a difference and the tips that you can use to make sure you are getting the most out of your fishing trip.

Does Weather Make That Much of a Difference?

You might be surprised to know that the weather makes a huge impact on your fishing success. Just like we are affected by the weather, fish also can sense changes. They are specifically impacted by fronts or changes in pressure. Here are some weather conditions that you need to consider before you pack up your rods.

  • Sunlight: Most fish are not fans of warm weather, so they will head to deeper water to avoid it. This can make it more difficult to catch fish. If you are fishing in sunny weather, then you can use deeper baits and lures to increase your chances.
  • Clouds: Clouds can prevent light from getting into the water. This is when most fish are feeding and will be found all over the area you are fishing in instead of congregating in one area. 
  • Rain: Rain is perfect for fishing, and is one of the most ideal weather conditions you can ask for. The rain can wash more insects and different kinds of bait in the water, which creates a great feeding period for many fish. The rain in the water can also hide your line or lure easier too.
  • Pressure Changes: When the barometric pressure changes, fish naturally become more active. If the pressure falls too low or becomes too high, then you may lose that fishing window. Similar to when there is too much sunlight, severe pressure changes can cause the fish to swim lower and even hide.
  • Wind: Wind can change a lot of factors in fishing. Wind can create currents that can either bring fish to you, or it can push them away. It also can move your line and your lure much easier. Many fishermen believe that the direction of the wind can have an even bigger effect. 

Tips for Fishing on Sunny Days

  • Multiple parts of a fish’s body are sensitive to light, one being their eyes. Before a fish feels the warmth, they will see the sunlight, so you may never even have fish towards the top. 
  • If you are planning on fishing on a sunny day, then you may want to wake up earlier and head out. You can also wait until the sun is starting to go down. If you are fishing when the sun is high, you are going to get fewer bites.
  • Fish along the edges of the banks. Extra bait is going to end up in these locations, and that is where fish are usually hiding to get out of the direct sunlight. These areas are often covered by trees, which means that there is a possibility that the fish are hiding around that area as well.
  • Fishing in water with some sort of color to it is great fishing areas in sunny weather. The color means that there is not as much light penetrating the water, and it can be more difficult for fish to see you. 

This is great weather to utilize lures and bait that are either live or in natural colors.

Tips for Fishing on Cloudy Days

  • Fish are more likely to spread around wherever you are fishing on cloudy days. This makes the fishing area much bigger and increases your chances as well
  • Many fish feel safer when the weather is cloudy and even a little bit on the rainy side. Fish are more likely to be swimming around looking for their next meal, and your bait or lure might be just what they are looking for. 
  • Dress for the weather you are fishing in! If you are fishing in cloudy conditions, you should consider not only wearing clothes that are darker in color, but you can also set up your rod and line to match that as well.

Lures with bright colors can result in a lot of success. It makes the bait more interesting to the fish, but you can also use topwaters, spinnerbaits, lipless cranks, and swim jigs during this weather!

So, Which Is the Best for Fishing?

Although it depends on where you are fishing, the weather tends to have a bigger influence than how many fish are in a pond or lake. If you are looking to catch more fish and have more bites, then cloudy conditions are what you should be fishing in. Fish are more active and feed during these conditions. 

Sunny conditions do not necessarily mean that you are not going to be able to catch fish, but it may be more difficult. The area that you are fishing in is limited, as are the baits and lures that you can use. Some fish either go deep into the water or even hide altogether. 

No matter the weather, you can always go fishing. You just need to have the proper gear and skills in order to be successful. Like most things, it is all up to personal preference and learning by doing. So get out there!

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