Do Electronic Fishing Lures Work?

Getting a new lure for your rod can be a big deal, and that makes branching off potentially confusing. The electronic lure isn’t anything new, but the little usage they see means that many fishermen don’t know their benefit.

Do electronic fishing lures work? As with any lure, it’s going to be on a case by case basis. You won’t throw it in and get a catch every time, but Electronic fishing lures come with benefits that aren’t seen with many others, such as the ability to attract the fish via LED lights. 

This article will cover why you may want to use a fishing lure, and we’ll give out some fishing tips to help you use them effectively 

Benefits Of Using An Electric Lure

The benefits for using an electric lure are pretty much the same for using any other type of artificial lure, but you add in the fact that many will come with LED lights, and are typically called “Shiners”

You Attract Larger Fish

Using live bait is great for attracting any size fish, but that can spell serious trouble on your lure if it’s not strong enough to help reel in a heavier fish. To put it simply, when you use an electric lure, you’re mainly going after the bigger fish. The variety of colors they come with are still going to attract anything curious, but if you do snag a heavier fish, you won’t face as many problems during the reel in phase. 

You Don’t Add New Bait

Artificial/Electric lures can take away the need to put bait on the hook with every catch. Chances are that small pulsing light is going to grab the attention of a nearby fish, and this can help you cut back on bait. Another perk for these lures are due to their safety and how easy it makes catch and releases. 

It Adds A New Challenge

Fishing with electric lures can be a bit more tedious than with live bait. Fish are attracted to the movement they emit, which is why using an LED light on your lure can help it seem like it isn’t just dead in the water. While some may be curious, there will undoubtedly be others that are frightened by the light, and may not come near it until it’s been in the water for a few minutes. 

It’s because of this that when you reel in your catch, there’s a sense of accomplishment. Live bait is good for tricking the fish because the movement from it signals dinner time. The fish may not be used to how frequently the lure blinks or chirps, and can lead to them shying away from your casting area completely. 

Why You Might Want To Use Live Bait

Electronic lures have their advantages, but that doesn’t mean that it’s better than live bait on every aspect. Even though you may not have to buy live bait before every fishing trip, how much do you think you’re going to spend on getting new hooks after they rust, or worse, pop off when reeling in? Live bait might land you more fish on the basis of the movement from it being something they’re used to. 

Live bait is also known for bringing in bigger fish on a more consistent basis than electronic, and are said to have the best chances when all you want to do is catch a big one. Granted, these reel ins can become a pain when you have to constantly re-hook your bait, which is one of the categories that the artificial/electronic wins over live bait.

In reality, the best bait is going to differ on what your fishing goals are, as well as what type of fish you are looking to catch, and where you plan on doing so.  

What Type Of Fish Are They Best For?

You’re going to want to fish in freshwater for these. Electric lures are great for any type of fish, but you should really only use these when you’re looking to catch a bigger fish. Bass are said to be very responsive to these due to how picky they are in general, and you’ll be sure to catch a few if you cast these in Bass hot spots, such as areas near river banks and boat docks. 

When you fish with this, try and match the colors of the LED for the fish in that body of water. For example, if you’re fishing in darker water then you will do well to use brightly colored LED lights to attract Bass. If the water is considerably more clear then you should use an LED light that gives off a more subtle color. To really get a Bass’ full attention, use an LED light that emits an orange or yellow color. 

Do They Help With Night-Fishing?

Electronic lures will hold their own during any night time fishing trips. The LED light is certainly going to attract more attention at night than during the daytime. Think about how dark the water is going to be, and how that small single light could be seen at a greater distance in the body of water. It might be possible for you to see your lure yourself. 

We mentioned a point early regarding the fact you didn’t have to rehook your bait or lures time after time with these. You can see why this would pay off at night time where your visibility is low. Having to constantly re-hook your bait can be a pain when you can barely even see it, and when you’re afraid of scaring off the fish with your lights. 

What Type Of Electronic Lures Are There?

There really isn’t a shortage of electronic lures out there, and not everyone is made the same. You will have some lures that emit a certain chirping sound to attract nearby fish or some that flick every few seconds to trick the fish into thinking it’s live bait. Not all of these lures are going to do great catching a variety of fish, and you may need to pair some things up to make sure they’re as efficient as possible. 

For an example, Bass really love bluegill, so getting a lure specifically for Bluegill feeders that chirp could really help you. Even when the weather is going against you and the fishing spot is notorious for having few catches. Your best bet is to experiment with these lures and see which one works for you the best at your fishing spot and try to get a lure that mimics the local fish prey. 

Where Do I Go For Electronic Lures?

You can find many of these lure types at your local outdoor sporting shops. These can go from low quality “use a few times” lures that run cheap, to genuinely durable lures that will make your wallet lighter. The latter is your best route, as when you have a decent size fish on the line, the last thing you want is for them is to snap it off, and if that’s your only lure it can be depressing. 

If you don’t live anywhere near a sporting good store that isn’t a problem. There is no shortage of online companies up for you to review, and some offer lures that you wouldn’t be able to find in stores anyway. Livingston Lures is one of them, and the products they offer are routinely being talked about. They revolve mainly on the chirping lures that emit a three-second sound to attract fish (specifically Bass).

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